AB Showrooms is a children's fashion agency based in New York City.

Visionary and founder Annick Bagley has spent over 25 years immersed in the world of brand name European children's fashion as a buyer, retailer, designer, manufacturer, and importer in the United States.

Throughout these years, AB Showrooms has never compromised quality for style - we are committed to providing today's children with ehtical fashion and not just a quick fix!

We dedicate ourselves passionately to the brands we manage and work to advance their market positioning and merchandising.

AB Showrooms is a widely recognized children's fashion showroom with extensive, worldwide distribution and sales knowledge for our buyers.

AB Showrooms proposes brands at US landed prices and ensures smooth door-to-door service.

Operating multi-brand showrooms and conventions in New York, Paris, and Florence, the relationships we build are vital to us.

We pledge to serve boutiques, departments stores and our brands with moxie, ethics and passion!